Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Cry, scream a bold poem - vp by LS

I cant scream and cry so loud as I want to
& Nobody knows that
Fluxlist USA statement

Monday, October 29, 2007

Writing a X-ray post poetic poem on the computer following the X-ray Fluxus score instructions from Nobody

Here you can see Nobody alias Litsa Spathi while she is writing Ruud's Fluxus thoughts on the computer in form of a digitalpost poetic poem for

1.Fluxlist Europe
2.Luxlist Asia
3.Fluxlist Africa
4.Fluxlist Usa
5.Fluxlist Oceania
6.Fluxlist North America
7.Fluxlist South America
8.Fluxlist Australia

But not for the Fluxlist

Sunday, October 28, 2007

X-ray score for post poetic poems Fluxus Event

Score for x-

a. Wait untill you have intolerable toothache.
b. Go then to the radiologist and let him X-ray your jaw
c. Take the X-ray photo home and scan it. Then publish it as post poetic poem score on Fluxlist Europe

Advertising strategy saving of time.

Brilliante radiographs and considerable reduction of the radiation dose are the outstanding advantages particularly for the dental medicine developed flux cunning Europe of x-ray-sensor for poems. By Intergration into the practice practice Europe x-ray-poem-sensor makes a substantial simplification of your operational sequences and Creativity for flux cunning possible. Advantages for it and your patients:

X-Ray score

1.Reduzierung of the radiation dose
2.Entlastung of the environment by omission from chemicals to the film development
3.Reduzierung of the expenditure of time
4.Quer and portrait format photographs
5.BEMA-gerechte photographs
6.Image gewinn by the employment of High Tech
7.Befunde and measures can be better described to the patient at the screen

Friday, October 26, 2007

The global Fluxus stamp


A 12 year old Fluxus stamp in honnor of
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen & the Fluxlist Europe's X-ray score for post poetic poems? Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen is THE father of Fluxus

Political global x-ray day for every Nobody

Coca Cola Hat

I live in the land of hats.Ich bin in Not. Nobody hates and loves hats, therefore I drink Coca Cola and think about Reed who shakes his head while he is wearing Anna's Fluxus hat.

Attention: I drink Cocal Cola Nobody is in Not and the world is O.K.